Curriculum Committee | Clover Park Technical College
Graduation applications for students completing their programs this spring are due May 1, 2017. Fill out the application online or print it and turn it in to the Enrollment Services Office, Building 17:
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Curriculum Committee

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Clover Park Technical College Curriculum Committee to: review instructional issues, approve curricular offerings of the College, and make recommendations as to compliance with the vision mission, and goals of the college thereby preserving institutional integrity.


  • ASG Student Representative
  • Doug Ammons
  • Trisha Autry
  • Michelle Barre
  • Michael Bowman
  • Lisa Colombini-Hyke
  • Lara Cooper
  • Kristy Crosby (non-voting)
  • LiLi Cutler (non-voting)
  • Loren Davis
  • Chris DeLaney (non-voting)
  • Mabel Edmonds
  • Jim Gordon
  • Myra Griffin
  • Michelle Hillesland
  • Wendy¬†Joseph
  • Dean Kelly
  • Claire Korschinowski
  • Dr. Joyce Loveday
  • Kelley Meeusen
  • Cindy Mowry
  • Laura Ott
  • Hilda Santacruz (non-voting)
  • Melissa Siedlicki
  • Tanya Sorenson
  • Don Souza
  • Carrie Van Beek
  • Mike Wheeler


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