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The Foundation's mission is to raise friends and funds for Clover Park Technical College to better enable the college to provide students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to succeed in the workforce of today and tomorrow.


The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board comprised of local business and community leaders. The College’s vice president of institutional advancement serves as the Foundation’s executive director. In addition, several college staff serve as ex efficio directors, lending their expertise to the board; this includes the College president, the vice president for administrative services, the chair of the board of trustees and a faculty representative. Directors’ biographies are available on the Foundation Board of Directors page.

Our Role Today

Public higher education is funded through a public/private partnership. Public colleges depend on state funding, student tuition, fees and auxiliary enterprises to operate. Only sixty percent of Clover Park Technical College's budget is made up of state funds. With state budget reductions directly impacting the College’s bottom line, private financial support is more important than ever, and the Foundation’s commitment to help close this funding gap is vital. To accomplish this, we look to our community to help support our initiatives. In turn, we return that investment by supporting the educational goals of our students and helping them to become contributing members of the community.

Changing Lives

Thank You

“The recent economic woes that this country is experiencing have had an impact on all of us. I managed the Sprit of Washington Dinner Train for several years until it shut down and I found myself floundering in a job market that could not sustain the influx of unemployed. Deciding to go back to school, I chose Clover Park Technical College’s Environmental Sciences program. … I believe that I now have the potential to be once again a contributing member to society.”
-James O. Tolson, III, Environmental Sciences student & scholarship recipient

The Foundation changes lives by:

  • Raising funds for students, programs, equipment, technology, and capital projects.
  • Introducing new friends and future supporters to the College.
  • Helping students through difficult times, empowering them to stay in school with scholarships and emergency assistance funds.
  • Supporting employee growth, development and appreciation.
  • Contributing to College-wide programs and initiatives.


Since 2005, the Foundation has achieved the following accomplishments:

  • Annual scholarship awards increased from $17,000 to more than $50,000.
  • Scholarships applications evolved from an annual paper process to a quarterly online process.
  • The endowment has more than doubled, from eight to twenty-one individual funds with the total value increasing from just under $275,000 to more than $675,000.
  • Giving opportunities have expanded with online one-time and recurring gift capabilities.
  • Sponsorships to the annual golf tournament, which raises funds for scholarships and emergency grants, increased from six major sponsors to twelve major sponsors.
  • An annual scholarship celebration was established to recognize scholarship recipients and donors and is now entirely supported by sponsors and also is generating funds for additional scholarships.
  • An emergency grant endowment was established to help students with emergency funds and make annually raised dollars available for emerging needs.