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Microsoft Imagine Academy

Learn or enhance your computing skills with Microsoft Imagine Academy

Clover Park Technical College Library is now providing access to Microsoft Imagine Academy (free of charge for all Washington residents and employees). There are two ways participants can earn certification in Microsoft Office applications, computer science, data science, and IT infrastructure. Participants can either test at certification centers or by completing selected courses without certification. While the training courses are available without cost, certification is obtained at the participant’s expense.

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Getting Started with Microsoft Imagine Academy

Access the Microsoft Imagine Academy through the Washington State Library’s website; you will be asked to self-attest that you reside or work in Washington State before gaining access. The Microsoft Imagine Academy Sign-Up webpage is located here.

Imagine Academy FAQs

Introduction to Computing with Digital Literacy

Those new to computing can learn basics skills using Microsoft’s Digital Literacy website. No account or login is needed to use Digital Literacy.

Digital Literacy is designed for those new to computing and covers basic tasks such as using a mouse, a keyboard, word processing, setting up an email account, using the Internet and writing a resume.  

The Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum has three levels:

  1. The Basic curriculum provides an introduction to computers including using a mouse and the keyboard.
  2. The Standard curriculum features courses that cover computing basics; using the internet and productivity programs such as Word and PowerPoint.
  3. The Advanced curriculum features four courses that cover setting up an e-mail account, creating a great resume, searching for content on the World Wide Web and social networking.