Assault/Coercion/Extortion/Blackmail | Clover Park Technical College
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  • CoercionImpelling another person to do an act by physical or moral force or threat of force.
  • ExtortionObtaining property from another without his/her consent, induced by wrongful use of force or fear.
  • BlackmailExtortion by threat of public disclosure
  1. Report incident to supervisor/building administrator as soon as practical
  2. Administrator and/or designee reports incident to Campus Security


Defuse the situation – Protect others, avoid escalation. Staff member may use reasonable force as warranted.

Report assault – Report to the immediate supervisor immediately by phone or messenger.

Deal with medical emergency – Apply first aid and/or summon aid car.

Take names of witness at the scene – delegate as needed.

Report to appropriate law enforcement agency (9-911) and campus security (ext. 5682).

In cases where a weapon is present, an injury requires medical attention or there is a threat of future violence.

Document action taken - Take written report from witness.