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First Aid Kits

6.14 First Aid Kits


All college departments shall have first aid kits in designated work areas and employees shall learn the location(s) of the department's first aid kit(s) and know who in the department has been trained in first aid.


The department's administrator designates an employee in each department to maintain inventory and notify Plant Services for needed supplies. Periodic checks shall be made of the contents of the department's first aid kit(s) for completeness. Use a log to verify checks.

First aid kits and supplies are available from Plant Services. First aid kits shall be readily available and accessible to all employees in the department. The size and quantity of first aid kits shall be determined by the number of personnel normally dependent upon each kit.

Call the Maintenance Department at ext 5560 for refills.

Poison Control: 9-594-1424 or 9-911

Campus Emergency: 5682 (Security)

Emergency telephone numbers will be posted on all first aid kits and on all telephones.