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Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations



Pursuant to RCW 28B.50.140(10), the Board of Trustees of Clover Park Technical College has been granted the authority to enact rules and regulations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic on property owned and maintained by the college.

Beginning Spring Quarter 2002, faculty, staff and students who park on college property (Including Main Campus, South Hill Campus, Fort Lewis, 100th Street and Lakewood Community Center), are required to complete a Parking Application. Parking/ID Applications will be available in the Security Office, Registration and Cashiering.


  1. Faculty, Staff and Students

    1. The cost for faculty and staff parking is $10 per quarter or $40 annually for full time faculty and staff; $5 per quarter for faculty and staff working less than full time.
    2. The cost for a second sticker or replacement sticker is $5 and is available from the Security Office.
    3. Annual parking fees will be due in September of each year.
    4. Faculty and staff can pay by cash/check/credit card in Cashiering or by payroll deduction with a provision for annual or quarterly activity. A signed authorization form is required for the payroll deduction option.
    5. Faculty and Staff will be issued parking decals to be displayed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle.
    6. Faculty and Staff must park only in stalls stripped yellow and marked Staff.
    7. The cost for Student parking is $.04 per clock hour to a maximum of $10 per quarter. This fee is payable with tuition and refundable under tuition refund rules for withdrawing students.
    8. Students enrolled in the following areas or categories will be required to complete a Parking/ID Application but will not be charged a parking fee: Contract classes, running start, elective high school, Institute for Business and Industry, adult basic education, ESL and Senior Center.
    9. Non-Drivers may obtain a refund or have the parking fee waived by completing the Parking/ID Application and writing “Do Not Drive” across the Vehicle Information Section and signing the form. The forms are accepted and fees waived at the Cashiering Office.
  2. Visitors & Guests

    1. Visitors and guests are required to obtain a Temporary Parking Permit in the Security Office or at the Reception Desk in Building 17.
    2. Visitors and guests should then park in any parking spot marked Visitor or any white stripped parking stall.
  3. Parking area designations

    1. Staff parking areas are marked with yellow lines and have “Staff” marked in yellow.
    2. Student parking areas are marked with white lines.
    3. Visitor parking areas are marked with yellow lines and have “Visitor” marked in yellow.
    4. Restricted parking areas are identified by carpool, disabled, authorized, staff and visitor signs.
  4. Parking violation fines

    1. Any vehicles parked in staff parking areas without a current parking sticker displayed will receive a $10 fine. Any vehicle not parked in the correct parking space will receive a $10.00 fine.
    2. Any vehicle parked in a handicapped spot without a valid handicapped placard or license plate will receive a $75 fine. If the Washington State Patrol or Lakewood Police tickets you, their fines will apply, in addition to the College’s, and currently range from $175 - $265.
    3. Any person declared a non-driver that brings a car to campus will receive a $40 fine.
    4. Any vehicle parked improperly, i.e., in fire lanes, driveways, sidewalks, lawns, or occupying more than one space (defined as 12 inches over the line) will receive a $10 fine.
  5. Procedure to pay fines

    1. All fines should be paid within 15 days.
    2. Students and staff wishing to pay their fines can confirm the amount at the Security Office.
    3. Payments are made at the Cashier’s Office.
  6. Penalties for nonpayment of fines

    1. If a staff member has not paid all parking fines by the end of the school year or June 30, the debt will be forwarded to the Vice President for Human Resources. Payroll will then deduct the outstanding fines from the employee’s last paycheck of the year.
    2. If a student does not pay outstanding parking fines:
      1. A hold will be placed on the student’s records until all fines are paid.
      2. Release of grade transcripts, certificates and diplomas will be withheld until all fines are paid.
      3. The student will not be able to register for future quarters until all fines are paid.
  7. Permit revocation.

  • Parking permits are the property of the college and may be recalled by the Vice President for Operations and Facilities for any of the following reasons:

    1. When the purpose for which the permit was issued changes or no longer exists.
    2. When the permit is used for an unregistered vehicle by an unauthorized individual.
    3. Falsification on parking permit application.
    4. Continued violations of driving or parking regulations.
    5. Counterfeiting or altering a parking permit.
    6. Continued failure to pay outstanding fines.

8. Right to refuse permit

  • The College reserves the right to refuse issuance of a parking permit to anyone who has had a previous parking permit revoked.

​9. Right to appeal permit revocation or refusal to grant permit

  1. Appeals must be made in writing, giving full particulars, including a list of witnesses and evidence expected to be presented, etc.
  2. Appeals must be submitted to the Plant Services & Security Director within five days from the date of citation. The appeal shall be handled as a brief adjudicative proceeding.
  3. The Director’s decision shall be final unless an appeal is filed with the Vice President for Operations and Facilities within seven working days. Any decision of the Vice President shall be final.

10. Speed Limit.

  • The campus speed limit is ten miles per hour, unless otherwise posted.

11. Liability of college

  • Clover Park Technical College is not responsible for damage or loss to vehicles parked on the campus.