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Safety Education, Orientation and Training



Administrators and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of all current applicable safety policies and procedures.


Safety Orientation

All new staff are advised of safety procedures during the new staff orientation.

The orientation and/or training occur as close to the first day of employment in the new job as possible.

Office, classroom and laboratory safety briefing will include:

  • Use and care of required personal protective equipment used in the work area.
  • On-the-job training review of practices necessary to perform initial job assignments taking into consideration relevant safety concerns.
  • Chemical hazard review.
  • In-house self-inspections.

Safety Orientation

The immediate supervisor will instruct new employees on job safety requirements.

Safety Education

The Supervisor is responsible for periodically reviewing applicable safety procedures with all employees.

All employees will receive the following training:

  • How and when to report injuries.

  • Identifying and reporting unsafe conditions and practices.
  • Locations of emergency stations, first aid kits, eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, pull stations, and spill kits.
  • Proper procedures during emergencies; i.e., fire, earthquake, bomb threats, including drills for emergency procedures.

First Aid Training

All supervisors/faculty or persons in charge of other employees must be trained and certified in first aid unless their duties require them to be away from the job site.

All other employees are encouraged to obtain first aid/CPR training.


First aid certification must be obtained in a course approved by the Washington State

Department of Labor and Industries.

Course Availability

Specific courses are made available as necessary through regular in-service programs.