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Weapons on College Property

6.15 Weapons on College Property
Year Adopted
2000, 2012


The College places primary importance on the rights of all individuals to be safe and to feel safe while on the property of an educational institution. The College also recognizes the right to carry guns which many individuals assert. The College believes that these rights are best reconciled and implemented by excluding guns and other weapons from College property to the maximum extent that this is legal and feasible.


A. General prohibition: The observable holding, wearing, transporting, storage, or presence of any firearm or other weapon is prohibited in any College building or College- operated facility or on College property, except (1) when this is done by commissioned law enforcement personnel or legally-authorized military personnel while in performance of their duties or (2) when a concealed pistol is carried in accordance with a concealed pistol license after the carrier has first (a) shown that license to the campus security office and permitted it to be photocopied and (b) received the written approval of the President or President’s designee. This exception A(2) shall not apply in the child care center or in any facility designated to be used for elementary or secondary school purposes.

For this purpose, a “weapon” means any item that is capable of causing serious bodily harm or property damage and reasonably warrants alarm about its being used to do so, including but not limited to any firearm, sword, long-bladed or automatic knife, brass knuckles, explosive, incendiary device, or dangerous substance, but excluding items used for authorized College purposes.

B. Reporting: Apparent violations of this Policy and Procedure should be reported to the campus security office and may be reported to a law enforcement authority. They also may be reported to the appropriate office or employee for any disciplinary action.

C. Penalties: A student or employee who violates this Procedure will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Any other person who violates this Procedure when it has been posted or announced will be considered to be trespassing on College property and be subject to immediate removal. Any person who commits unlawful acts involving a weapon may be subject to criminal liability regardless of compliance with this Procedure. See, for example, RCW 9.41.270 (gross misdemeanor to carry, display, etc. a weapon in a manner that manifests an intent to intimidate or warrants alarm for others’ safety).

Since the adoption and revision of this College policy, Clover Park Technical College WAC (Washington Administrative Code) 495C-121 Student Conduct Code has been amended and this College policy is no longer applicable to students.