Automotive Collision Technician Degree

Skilled automotive collision technicians may be employed in new car dealerships, independent auto collision shops, and industrial and government agency motor pools.

Degree Info at a Glance

Type: AAT

Approx. # of Quarters: 4

Estimated Cost: $8,955.56

Admission Dates: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters

Graduates of this program may enter the trade with considerable practical skills gained through actual hands-on repair experience throughout the program.

Included in this program are academic courses in communication, quantitative reasoning, and social sciences that provide knowledge and abilities upon which technical skills are built and personal development enhanced.

This program is approximately four quarters in length, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.

Students pursuing an AAT or AAS-T degree must complete all College degree requirements prior to graduation. This includes courses that meet the capstone project, diversity, and computer literacy requirements.

Program Requirements

Catalog # Course Name Credits
ACT 102 Fundamentals of Collision Repair 3
ACT 106 Body Shop Equipment 3
ACT 110 Welding, Heat & Cutting 4
ACT 115 Plastic/SMC Repair 4
ACT 120* Glass, Trim & Hardware 5
ACT 125 Introduction to Metal Straightening 3
ACT 132 Panel Replacement 6
ACT 133 Panel Repair 6
ACT 134 Auto Collision Major Repairs 5
ACT 140 Auto Systems Repair (Winter quarter only) 4
ACT 145 Collision Estimating 5
ACT 151 Collision Estimating 5
ACT 154 Topcoat Refinishing 8
ACT 156 Pre-Prime Preparation 5
ACT 157 Post-Prime Preparation 5
ACT 166 Surface Imperfections/Exterior Trim 5
ACT 171 Plastic Refinishing 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition (or higher) or CMST& 220 5
MAT 105 Math for Industrial Professions (or higher) 5
PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology (or other social science or humanities class that meets the diversity requirement) 5
CAS 115CL Introduction to Computing (or other approved computer literacy course or successfully pass the computer literacy exam) 3
  Total Credits for Completion 100

*Articulated courses with high schools for dual enrollment