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Central Service/Sterile Processing Technician Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic principles of Standard Precautions and the use of Personal Protective Equipment correctly.
  • Use interactive communication skills to work effectively with others with special emphasis on the needs of the surgical department.
  • Maintain professional ethics while demonstrating respect for staff, faculty, and patients.
  • Demonstrate effective methods of infection control as it relates to personal hygiene, patient care equipment, and surgical asepsis. 
  • Identify basic and complex surgical instrumentation.  Demonstrate the proper care and processing parameters for these items.  
  • Identify appropriate sterilization methods, cycles, and parameters for commonly used items.
  • Select and use appropriate process indicators for low and high temperature reprocessing.  Know recommended standards for biological monitoring and record keeping.
  • Successfully pass classroom assessments and competencies, and accrue required clinical hours to be eligible to sit for the IAHCSMM certification exam upon graduation.