Computer Networking & Information Systems Security Program Outcomes | Clover Park Technical College
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Computer Networking & Information Systems Security Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Computer Networking & Information Systems Security degree, students will:

  • Diagnose and repair computers and printers.
  • Analyze user and system problems. Provide network and computer support.
  • Demonstrate best practices for installing, configuring, and administering server operating systems, network devices, and directory services.
  • Analyze user and intruder activity, analyze malware, collect evidence, and document findings.
  • Discuss technical issues orally and in writing with supervisors, team members, and users at a college level.
  • Demonstrate job-ready skills by preparing an IT job search, resume, and LinkedIn profile and discussing questions in an interview in a professional manner.
  • Evaluate risk in information systems. Demonstrate sound judgement when recommending cybersecurity mitigations.
  • Plan, design, and implement computer networks in a team environment.