Sustainable Building Science Program Outcomes | Clover Park Technical College
Graduation applications for students completing their programs this spring are due May 1, 2017. Fill out the application online or print it and turn it in to the Enrollment Services Office, Building 17:
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Sustainable Building Science Program Outcomes

  • Apply the appropriate repairs to various types of buildings.
  • Be a change agent for sustainability in construction.
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively with employer.
  • Demonstrate proficiency when working with building diagnosis.
  • Design and integrate renewable energies into the building.
  • Identify and evaluate building systems.
  • Perform a building energy audit and make recommendations.
  • Perform scheduling tasks and coordinate the different trades.
  • Read and correctly interpret building blueprints.
  • Utilize problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Work in coordination with others in a team effort.
  • Work responsibly and safely within company guidelines.
  • Diagnose and repair air leakage in the building shell.
  • Identify and integrate green building practices into the construction industry.