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Graphic Technologies Program Outcomes

  • Students will complete their Degree or Certificate in the Graphic Technologies Program.
  • Students will continue with their education plan within the Graphic Technologies Program.
  • Demonstrate professional Graphic industry standards and methods to qualify for employment or transfer to a 4–year school.
  • Apply concept, theory, and design in the development of printed materials that successfully respond to a client’s Visual Communication needs.
  • Demonstrate technical skills required, such as operating and maintaining computer software to produce professional–level communication materials that meet printing industry standards.
  • Understand basic principles of printing production workflow and all of its related tasks.
  • Exhibit characteristics of workplace ethics, responsibility and accountability.
  • Communicate effectively in a design/sales/prepress environment while utilizing such skills as: reading and interpreting client specifications; listening and speaking effectively with co–workers, supervisors.
  • Manifest Critical Thinking skills focusing on problem–solving, effective reasoning, establishment of personal and team goals.