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Interior Design Program Outcomes

  • Follow a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process.
  • Apply diverse ideas, approaches, imaginative concepts, and rationalization to interior design projects.
  • Apply the basic elements and principles of design theory.
  • Develop design programs and concepts that solve spatial problems.
  • Evaluate the interior living and working spaces as it impacts orientation, circulation, interior zoning, and furniture arrangement.
  • Apply creative and technical solutions within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. 
  • Create designs in response to and coordinate with the building shell and acknowledge the physical location and social context of the project.
  • Adhere to current code and regulatory requirements as they relate to the interior environment.
  • Encourage the principles of environmental sustainability.
  • Develop aesthetically attractive and functional solutions that enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants.
  • Protect and enhance the health, life safety and welfare of the public in spaces they design.
  • Present interior design projects using verbal and graphic communication skills.
  • Produce an interior space that fulfills the project goals whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied.
  • Maintain standards of professional and personal conduct that will reflect in a responsible manner of the profession.