Retail Business Management Degree

The AAT Retail Business Management degree prepares students for careers in marketing, sales, retailing, customer service, entrepreneurship, and general business applications. Students develop both the technical and human relations skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive work environment. Current business procedures and computer applications, including online retail services are covered.

The program combines business theory with practical applications that include the proper use of technology in today’s workplace; ensuring students are making appropriate decisions in business settings. Students are introduced to e-commerce concepts and applications, and how to use social media to invite potential customers to interact with their company.

This program has a built-in certificate component that is approved by the Western Association of Food Chains. This certificate prepares individuals to manage a variety of retail sales or lines of merchandise operations. The program serves both entry-level job candidates and incumbent employees. This certificate, endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC), provides grocery employees in Washington access to a consistent curriculum, and also meets the needs of other segments of the retail industry.

Important Note: Students may take the following courses in order to complete the Retail Management Certificate before taking the COMPASS test for general education placement.

Included in this program are academic courses in communication (English Composition, Speech), Quantitative Reasoning (Math) and Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology) that provide knowledge and abilities upon which technical skills are built and enhance personal development.

Program Length: This program is approximately five to six quarters in length, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements. This degree has been designed to meet the educational needs of working adults. It is 100% web-based instruction with face to face interaction when requested by students.

Admission Dates: Summer, fall, winter and spring quarters.

Prerequisites: None.

Program Requirements

Catalog # Title Credits
RBM 121CAP Successful Career Development 3
RBM 123 Customer Service Strategies 5
RBM 128 Business Communications 5
RBM 129 Speaking for Success 5
RBM 133 Effective Selling 5
RBM 140 Operations Management 4
RBM 141* Fundamentals of Supervision 5
RBM 143* Principles of Retailing 5
RBM 151CL Business Technologies for Retail Applications 4
RBM 158 Human Resource Management 6
RBM 159 E-Commerce Principles 4
RBM 163 Social Media Marketing 4
RBM 165 Financial Management 5
RBM 201 Introduction to Business Etiquette 5
CAS 105 Keyboarding 3
BUS& 201 Business Law 5
MAT 105 Math for Industrial Professions (or higher) 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition (or higher or CMST& 220) 5
PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology (or other social science or humanities class that meets the diversity requirement) 5
  Total Credits for Completion 91

*Articulated courses with high schools for dual enrollment