Surgical Technology Program Outcomes | Clover Park Technical College
Graduation applications for students completing their programs this spring are due May 1, 2017. Fill out the application online or print it and turn it in to the Enrollment Services Office, Building 17:
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Surgical Technology Program Outcomes

  • Correlate the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and microbiology to their role as a surgical technologist.
  • Demonstrate a safe level of practice and knowledge in their role as a surgical technologist.
  • Acquire an understanding of the ethical, legal, moral, and medical values related to the patient and the operating room team during the perioperative experience.
  • Correlate the elements, action, and use of medications and anesthetic agents used during the perioperative experience.
  • Demonstrate safe practice techniques in regards to perioperative routines, patient transportation, positioning, and emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrate and integrate principles of surgical asepsis as part of the perioperative experience.
  • Apply knowledge and skills as a professional surgical technologist to address the biopsychosocial needs of the surgical patient.
  • Perform as a competent entry-level surgical technologist in the cognitive, psychomotor, and effective learning domains.
  • Value the professional attributes of the surgical technologist.

In 2013-14, our graduating students had a CST Exam pass rate of 100%.