Welding Technology Program Outcomes | Clover Park Technical College
Graduation applications for students completing their programs this spring are due May 1, 2017. Fill out the application online or print it and turn it in to the Enrollment Services Office, Building 17: www.cptc.edu/graduation
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Welding Technology Program Outcomes

  • Evaluate potential hazards and apply procedures to maintain workplace safety.
  • Analyze job requirements and plan work activities to meet customer needs.
  • Select and operate tools and equipment to support welding and related activities.
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, including illustrations.
  • Perform Shielded Metal Arc Welding to industry standards.
  • Perform Gas Metal Arc Welding to industry standards.
  • Perform Flux Core Welding to industry standards.
  • Perform Gas Tungsten Arc Welding to industry standards.
  • Evaluate work quality and generate recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Prioritize work assignments and use time management skills effectively.
  • Apply problem solving and decision making skills to overcome obstacles in completing objectives.
  • Be successfully employed in the field.
  • Demonstrate technical skills to the satisfaction of their employers.