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Meet Carine DeLeon

Carine DeLeon

I was a student in Cosmetology at Clover Park Technical College back in 1995. I finished the program and passed my practical and written exams through the state of Washington. One of my clients was heading a nonprofit organization that had scholarships for professional women who want to further their career. I applied and got a full scholarship to attend CPTC in the Instructor Training Program. I got to train under my former Cosmetology Instructor!

I always share that working for CPTC is a fantastic opportunity, with awesome benefits as an instructor. Potential Cosmetology Instructors will ask me about the financial aspect. I let them know that I went to see a Financial Advisor before I made the decision to apply for a position here. The benefits and retirement were the reasons I applied for the position, even though I would not be bringing in the same income as I did with self-employment.

There are so many great things about being an instructor/mentor here at CPTC. One of my most favorite is that I get to teach students a craft that I have never EVER viewed as a job. I absolutely love everything about hair! It’s really fun to watch the students grow from not knowing how to hold a haircutting shear and comb at the same time, to growing and watching them hold them as if they have done it forever!

Carine DeLeon