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Graduation applications for students completing their programs this spring are due May 1, 2017. Fill out the application online or print it and turn it in to the Enrollment Services Office, Building 17:
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Prior Learning Assessment

Experiential learning through life experience or work experience.

Prior learning — sometimes referred to as experiential learning — is the knowledge and skills gained through work and life experience, including both formal and informal education and training.

CPTC understands that students may come to the college with skills and knowledge acquired through work experience, some of which could meet regular credit course requirements. Identifying credit for prior learning can be accomplished by an assessment process conducted by qualified faculty and may result in a course or several courses being posted to your transcript. Current accreditation standards require that no more than 25% of the credits earned through the PLA process may be applied toward degrees or certificates.

Students who wish to receive credit for prior learning will complete the Prior Learning Assessment Request Form available from the Student Records Office (Building 11) and pay the following fees for assessment services: $40 evaluation fee and $20 for each course for which prior learning credit is requested.

For more information, please contact McKenzee Williamson, Credentials Evaluator, by email or phone: or 253-589-6003.