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All associate degree programs and programs of study of 45 credits or more require a core of academic courses in computation, communication, and human relations. Additional academic courses which are required for articulation agreements or transfer degrees shall also be made available to students. The contents of all academic courses will be of equivalent rigor to comparable academic offerings within the two-year college system and shall be taught by faculty who are appropriately qualified.


A. Core academic classes are offered at convenient hours throughout the day. Students are responsible for registering for and completing these courses prior to graduation if they wish to be awarded the degree or certificate for their program. Students may contact Student Records for a copy of the quarterly class schedule in which times and locations of core academic classes are provided.

B. Academic courses are developed and offered on an appropriate schedule with prioritization on student convenience and need; however, not all courses will be offered every quarter.

C. Students may be required to complete some or all academic requirements prior to enrolling in their technical programs.

D. Placement in courses may occur through the use of multiple appropriate indices, which may include but not be limited to the Compass test, transcript evaluation, acceptance of prior learning/experience credit, CLEP and AP scores, discipline-specific assessment procedures, and faculty recommendation.


Adopted: 1995

Revised:  1999, 2012