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Assessment Center

5.6 Assessment Center


The Clover Park Technical College conducts skills assessment for students prior to beginning their technical training program. In most cases only programs that are 900 hours/45 credits or more are required to take the COMPASSASSET, or SLEP test. There are a few exceptions in which programs shorter than 900/45 credits hours require one or more core academics as part of their curriculum therefore requiring testing. The Assessment Center offers COMPASS, ASSET, SLEP diagnostic testing. For placement into ABE/High School Equivalency Exam or ESL courses the center provides ABE and ESL CASAS testing.


Individuals wishing to register for a full-time career training program are required to take the COMPASS prior to starting the program. COMPASS tests the basic skills (reading writing, pre- algebra and algebra) needed to succeed at the technical college level. Assessment results are used to assist students in selecting program and to place students into the correct pre-college or core academic classes.


Is provide to students who have received permission from the Disabilities Specialist to take an accommodated test. ASSEST is the paper pencil version of COMPASS testing the same basic skills.


The Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) is offered as an alternative to potential students whose first language is other than English to evaluate their appropriate starting point.


There is a $15.00 nonrefundable fee to take COMPASS, ASSET, or SLEP. Testers are required to present picture identification in order to receive their test results. Contact Chris Jones at (253)589-5767 to arrange for accommodated testing.


Individuals who have previously earned an Associate, Bachelor, or Masters Degree from an accredited institution of higher education should submit their official sealed transcript to the Student Records Office located in Building 17 for evaluation.


COMPASS testing is conducted on a drop-in basis, call (253)589-5678 or (253)589-5670 to request a testing schedule. COMPASS, ASSET or SLEP testers should come prepared to pay the $15.00 testing fee and top present picture identification at the time of testing.