Hiring of Washington Public Employee Retirement System Retirees | Clover Park Technical College
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Hiring of Washington Public Employee Retirement System Retirees



The Clover Park Technical College Board of Trustees believes in utilizing the expertise of retirees. Hiring of retirees will be based on the needs of the college and will ensure compliance with Washington State’s Department of Retirement System mandates, RCW 41.50, and current college practices. Hiring of any retiree is not a guarantee of continuing employment.


When a position becomes available through a retirement of an employee, the College will analyze the position to determine if the position is still needed by the institution or needs to be revised. Upon completion of the position analysis and, if the determination is made that the position is needed, the position will be opened and a retiree may apply through the regular human resource processes.


Adopted: 2002

Revised: 2003, 2004

Reviewed: 2016