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Key Control



CPTC safeguards its assets and promotes the security of campus through appropriate monitoring of access to college property. The Security Department is responsible for key control. All college departments are expected to adhere to the key control procedures.

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Individuals issued college keys/prox cards shall at all times be held responsible and accountable for them.

Keys/prox cards are issued in the Security Department upon approval by the appropriate administrator. Individuals issued a key/prox card will be required to sign for them.

Keys/prox cards are to be used exclusively by the individual to whom they are issued.

Employees must inform their administrator and Security immediately and in writing of any lost keys/prox cards. A reasonable cost may be charged for each key that is not returned/found. If re-keying is necessary because of the loss or compromised security, the individual’s department budget may be charged.

Employees who terminate their employment at CPTC must return their keys/prox cards to Security on or before their last working day. A reasonable cost may be charged for each key that is not returned/found.

Keys/prox cards may be authorized for contractors and other non-CPTC individuals. The return of all keys/prox cards is the responsibility of the firm or group to which they were issued.

Keys/prox cards are state property and may be recovered at any time by security staff or an employee’s supervisor. The college will conduct periodic key/prox card audits.

Signed Copy of Procedure 6.6

Adopted: 1992

Revised:  2017