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Parking and Traffic

6.2 Parking and Traffic
Year Adopted


Pursuant to RCW 288.50.140(10), the Board of Trustees of Clover Park Technical College has been granted the authority to enact rules and regulations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic on property owned, operated or maintained by the college.

These rules and regulations are established in order to control vehicular traffic, protect pedestrians, assure access for emergency traffic, regulate the use of parking spaces and protect state-owned property.

While parking is provided as a service to students, faculty and staff the college is not liable for damage or loss.

No vehicle shall remain on campus, whether attended or unattended, for a period exceeding twenty four {24) hours without authorization from the Security Department. Absent authorization, the vehicle may be impounded and stored at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

Drivers shall obey the signs, structures, markings and directions posted. Additionally they will comply with the directions given to them by college staff responsible for regulating traffic or parking.

Violations of this policy and the following procedures will result in citations. Unpaid citations may result in additional action.

Signed Policy


Allocation of Parking Spaces

Parking spaces on campus shall be allocated by the Vice President for Finance & Administration or his/her designee. This includes authorization to reserve areas for vehicles displaying authorized permits.


  • A. White – parking areas marked with white lines are designated open parking. No permits are required.
  • B. Yellow – parking areas marked with yellow lines are designated as special parking. Staff parking requires a permit, visitor parking is limited to two (2) hours and requires a temporary pass, other restrictions may be designated by signage (carpool, disabled, special authorization, etc.).


The Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for parking and traffic management on campus. The Security Department is the delegated authority to enforce all parking and traffic rules and regulations.


Except for college owned and/or operated vehicles, the college assumes no liability under any circumstance for vehicles on college properties.


Students contribute to the parking fund via their comprehensive fee when they pay tuition. Faculty and staff pay for parking annually through payroll deduction. A signed authorization form is required.


  • A. Staff Permits – are issued through the Security Department each September. They must be displayed on the rear view mirror of the vehicle. An additional permit or replacement permit may be purchased from Cashiering and is then available from the Security Office.
  • B. Temporary Permits – are issued at the Information Desk in Building 17 for one day only. Longer term temporary parking permits are available from the Security Department. Visitors and guests should display the temporary permit on the vehicle dash and park in any available visitor space or white lined slot.
  • C. Disabled Parking Permits – issued by the State of Washington should be displayed prominently and vehicles with such permits may park in all areas designated for parking.

Parking and Traffic Rules

  • A. Parking within designated spaces
    • 1. No vehicle shall be parked on campus except in those areas set aside and designated as parking areas.
    • 2. No vehicle shall be parked as to occupy any portion of more than one parking space or stall.
    • 3. No vehicle shall be parked at any time in campus roadways, fire lanes, bus zones, loading zones, service driveways, on sidewalks; or in the landscaping, except emergency vehicles and designated service vehicles.
  • B. Motorcycles, bicycles, carts and scooters
    • 1. Motorcycles, bicycles and scooters are for the purpose of these regulations considered to be motor vehicles and are subject to all traffic and parking rules and regulations controlling other motor vehicles.
    • 2. Motorcycles, carts and motorized scooters are not permitted at any times on paths, sidewalks, or authorized bicycles or pedestrian areas, or in buildings at any time.
    • 3. Bicycles shall be parked in designated areas only.
    • 4. No bicycles or foot-propelled devices shall be operated on campus walkways, corridors, hallways, or in buildings unless their use is required as part of the educational process in an authorized program. Designated emergency or campus operations vehicles are exempt.
  • C. Speed
             The campus speed limit is ten (10) miles per hours unless otherwise posted. Lower speeds may be reasonable and prudent in some circumstances.
  • D. Pedestrian right of way
  •          The operator of a vehicle shall yield the right of way to any pedestrian. Pedestrians shall use sidewalks where provided. Vehicles shall not pass others who have slowed or stopped to yield to pedestrian traffic.
  • E. Report of accident or theft
    • 1. The operator of any vehicle involved in an accident on college property shall within twenty-four (24) hours file a report with the Security Department. This does not relieve any person involved from his/her responsibility to file a State of Washington motor vehicle accident report.
    • 2. Students, faculty, staff and visitors should report any thefts of vehicles or property from vehicles to the Security Department.
  • F. Distribution of literature
  •          Distribution of unauthorized literature on motor vehicles parked on college property is prohibited and violators will be fined. Literature includes but is not limited to: pamphlets, flyers and stickers.

Citations/fines for violations

  • 1. Vehicles violating parking rules and regulations are subject to fines.
  • 2. Fines should be paid within fifteen (15) days at the Cashier Office in Building 17.
  • 3. Students with unpaid fines will be denied registration and transcriptions. In addition, a hold will be placed on their record.
  • 4. The Vice President for Finance and Administration is authorized to impound vehicles parked on college property in violation of these regulations. Expenses for impounding shall be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. The college shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from impounding. This action does not remove the obligation for fines.
  • 5. An accumulation of unpaid violations will be referred to an outside collection agency for further action.

Appeal of citations/fines

  • 1. Appeals must be made on the appropriate form available from the Security Department.
  • 2. Appeals must be made within seven (7) days of the citation to the Manager of Security.
  • 3. The Manager’s decision shall be final unless an appeal is filed in writing with the Director of Compliance within seven (7) days of the Manager’s decision. The decision of the Director shall be final.