Student Concerns (Non-Academic) | Clover Park Technical College
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Student Concerns (Non-Academic)

Who Do I Contact to File a Non-Academic Student Concern or Complaint?

Accommodations:  concerns regarding a faculty member, and office or program’s refusal to provide an accommodation in accordance with notice from the Disabilities Resources for Students ( ).

Behavioral (student):  complaints regarding student conduct.  Please see Code of Student Conduct ( .  Submitted on-line via Student Conduct Referral Form ( )

Discrimination or Sexual Harassment:  a person feels that they have been unlawfully discriminated against or harassed (includes sexual discrimination and harassment).  These claims are handled through CPTC’s Title IX Coordinator in the Human Resources department. 

Facilities/Bookstore:  buildings, college equipment, bookstore services.  These would be submitted to the Business Office.

Financial Aid:  The student feels that their financial aid is in error or they wish to appeal a suspension. .  To appeal Financial Aid suspension due to unsatisfactory academic progress, submit the Satisfactory Academic Progress Suspension Appeal

( )

Quality of Course or Quality of Instruction:  faculty members use their professional expertise and discretion to select materials, course content, effective methods of instruction and text selection.  As such, these are not grievable matters under the concern process.  Students have an opportunity to evaluate course and instructional quality every quarter through the on-line Course Evaluations. 


Student Complaint Flow Chart