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South Hill Campus

Our South Hill Campus — located just south of Puyallup — is home to our aviation programs, which make use of the runway next door at Thun Field.

Aviation Maintenance Program


Aviation Maintenance

Our Aviation Maintenance Technician students average among the highest pass rates in the nation for FAA certification. If you're fascinated with aircraft and enjoy repairing big machinery, our Aviation Maintenance Technician Program can prepare you for a rewarding career in the aircraft-maintenance industry.


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Nondestructive Testing Program


Nondestructive Testing

The Nondestructive Testing (NDT) program at Clover Park Technical College provides training in a variety of analysis techniques used in industry to evaluate the properties of a material or structure without causing damage.


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Professional Pilot Program


Pilot Program

For those who love to fly, the Professional Pilot Program can prepare students to enter the aviation field as a pilot for a regional or major airline as well as a private corporation, air cargo operator or government agency. Many students from our Professional Pilot Program continue on to get their multi-engine certifications and start flying for regional airlines.


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Advanced Composites Program


Material Science

If you’re interested in working on the materials used in the aerospace industry — including carbon-fiber composites — then this is the program for you! You’ll learn how to work with the cutting-edge technology of assembling and repairing the composite panels used by Boeing and other aerospace companies.


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Financial Aid and Advising and Counseling services are available at the South Hill Campus. In addition, our International Education Program Specialist assists students on Fridays. Every effort is made to ensure that students receive services. Our front desk staff provide cashiering and registration services along with referrals.


Break Room


Break Room

South Hill Campus has a break room, and the campus has vending machines available for a quick snack.